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2 CDs, 2.25 hours
12 page booklet

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Red Tara
An Open Door to Bliss and
Ultimate Awareness

The Concise Practice and Red Tara Commentary

With instructions compiled from the teachings of H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

Read by Chagdud Khadro
Mantras sung by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, Chagdud Khadro and students

About the Author:
Chagdud Khadro

Chagdud Khadro, an ordained lama in the Nyingma School of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, is one of the foremost students of the late Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, a highly revered meditation master. The author of Red Tara Commentary, Ngondro Commentary: Instructions for the Concise Preliminary Practices of the New Treasure of Dudjom and P’howa Commentary: Instructions for the Practice of Consciousness Transference as Revealed by Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo, she is the spiritual director of Chagdud Gonpa Brasil in Tres Coroas, Brazil, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery for lay peopole in Latin America. More...

Red Tara meditations have been used
to attain the recognition of our original, pure buddha nature through many perfect lineages of highly realized Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Based on the treasure discovered by the great Nyingmapa lama, Apong Terton, this practice emphasizes the continual invocation of Tara's blessings to activate our innate buddha nature.

This 2 CD set includes both the Concise Practice, with mantras sung by His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinoche and students, and an audio book recording of Red Tara Commentary: Instructions for the Concise Practice Known as Red Tara: An Open Door to Bliss and Ultimate Awareness, compiled by his wife, Chagdud Khadro.

Topics Include:

  • Refuge as a realm of transformation
  • The symbolic aspects of Tara
  • Developing the wisdom body of Tara
  • The history of the lineage of Tara
  • Practicing Tara in everyday life
  • Understanding how to perform a
    Red Tara feast offering
    (Tib., "tsog") from different
    levels of perspective
  • Generosity -- how it can be
    developed through the practice of
    offering the mandala
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